Best EarBud Headphones with Control Buttons??


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Feb 17, 2010
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Im looking into getting a new set of wires earbuds for my moto droid. (My s305 bluetooths quite charging)
I like the ability to have the next track button, pause, volume, etc...
Making calls is nice but not necessary.
I love the sound of Jbuds, so the sound quality must be great :)
Do the jbuds controls work with the droid??
Thanks in advance,
I have been looking for this same thing. I have found that most iPhone headsets will allow you to pause and play, but, none work the volume or next, previous track selection. I love that my iPod Touch can do all this, but I don't want to carry 2 devices, why the heck can't some of the most advanced phones on the planet get this together?

Maybe in Froyo, or Gingerbread we will get this simple functionality!
Mine only pause, and party shuffle, it think somethings wrong.