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Nov 23, 2009
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So basically I have three calenders running on my 7 screens. The S2 which is small but shows the whole month. The CalWidget which works well and isn't buggy. And then the Android Agenda Widget which looks the best but is a tad buggy and needs more features.

What I need is ONE calender widget which shows the month plus all of the upcoming events on one screen.

Can't one of these people put a calender bigger than the S2 one as just a reference with the events listed under it - make the events scrollable so you can see into the future. Allow easy additions for new appointments. Easy editing of existing events.

So far I think the Android Agenda is the closest but it doesnt show the month and is limited.


Dec 13, 2009
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better calendar widgets

......What I need is ONE calender widget which shows the month plus all of the upcoming events on one screen.......

Well, I'm not an app developer, but I'd like a better calendar app than the one that came on my Moto A855 droid. In order to get one, I think we need to make viable suggestions. I'm curious what you're imagining in your quote above. My calendar has a lot of repeating events and other future events, as well as "rolling" items I use as a "to-do" list. I'm sure you too have (or soon will have) many events, so what could a developer do? Are you thinking of a full-screen, scrollable widget, that would have to be installed on a "wing" of home page?

Incidentally, I'm putting in a vote for better, clearer, proper naming of calendar apps and widgets. "Android agenda" is apparently the literal direct french translation of "Android calendar". At least Google will translate back and forth that way. If somebody wants their app to be discernable from somebody else's app, they should use the name as part of it!
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