Best App with Widgets?


Nov 17, 2009
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Hey Guys, been using Panda Home as of late and with 4 docks, I have plenty of space left over on some of my home screens. I only have a few widgets, but I'd also like to see what other app comes with a widget.

Much thanks! :icon_ banana:

im sorry but i really dont understand your question.
There is no app that comes with a widget.

Every Widget is an APP, but not every app is a widget.

A widget is an app, that displays on the homescreen and either allows you to shortcut any functions or just pulls data and updates homescreen icon like a weather widget does.

An app is any program that can be run on a droid!


what do you search for?
I think he is wanting to know which apps have widgets.

For example, app has two widgets to disply the weather as buttons.
I installed and put a shortcut on my desktop (not a widget - didn't think of it). Anyway it works fine but if I shut off the Droid I have to manually restart to get the temp in the top line of the desktop where it normally appears. Is there a way to get to start up automatically or is that undesirable for some reason?
I don't mean to change the subject, but since we are talking about widgets/apps, does anyone know the widget/app this person is using in the video around 2:24 (app slider widget?)

So then what is interesting for you?
There are some widget that are really cool, like:

-internal Memory
-External memory
-Battery Usage
-Power control for GPS,WiFi, Bluetooth, Sync, Brightness

Just to name some!


I have tried most of the battery ones and they love to eat up battery :D

For memory, I like Task Panel. It has a widget and I have it all set up ;)