@Beanstown106 [ROM] Jelly Bean's Build Updated to Build 16 New Base n Feats!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Beanstown106 has been pumping out some of the cleanest most stable Roms for the Galaxy Note 2 ever since it was unlocked early on by Adam Outler. He continues to deliver with his latest release Jelly Bean's Build 16. This Rom is based on the latest OTA update by Verizon Android 4.1.2 VRAMC3. This Rom series has always been designed to give you an AOSP look and feel while maintaining all of the touchwiz features that make our devices so awesome!

New features that come with Build 16 include burst shot mode, full screen calendar widget, increased swirls and no fog on TW lockscreen, music control options to settings and sounds, toggle indicator to toggles, Koush's superuser, and much more. This Rom gives you the control as it uses the Aroma installer which allows you to pick and choose your Touchwiz apps, Gapps, and mods. Grab this Rom from the source link below!



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Nov 22, 2010
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Do you know if the Jelly Beans ROM can set the Notification Opacity? I.E. Liquid's ROM on my Bionic has Settings> Interface>Status Bar>Advanced>Notivication Opacity. 55% is default. I wan the opacity to be 100%. Is this possible? I want to run Jelly Beans on my Note 2 but if I can't change opacity I may just go to Liquids or another Rom. I wanted to use the Jelly Beans rom since is uses TouchWiz.