BB V0.1 FRF57 Battery is PHENOMINAL!


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Nov 16, 2009
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actually, even on the conservative profile (sorry, it was conservative, not powersave, I had it wrong, thanks for taking note), it was running fairly well. Quite responsive actually. Screen was a LITTLE choppy, but I could still answer phone calls, take pictures, send txts, browse the web, and generally use the phone. It didnt freeze, or FC, or quit at all. Maybe I am just lucky so far, but thats how it worked for me.

I guess if you're not doing much and you're patient, you can get by at 300Mhz. It's when you get ahead of it that tasks start piling up and it can't keep up with all the clicking/scrolling. Things won't generally force-close, they will just "soft" force-close - the slower CPU will cause things to take longer, so it will give you the option to close or wait.

I use "conservative" as well - it's a good compromise. The on-demand governor will just jump directly to the maximum speed when the load gets above the up_threshold - generally I don't need full speed, I just need a little bit more. conservative handles up AND down thresholds, so it will pick whatever speed is needed to keep the load at the proper level, rather than jumping up and down all the time.

True, the estimated % that the widget shows, is a guess, but its awfully close to being right. Remember, not all Droids are created equal. lol
Well, there's a difference between not-equal and 57 hours of battery life. I'm not so sure 57 hours can even be done without leaving the display and radio off... I'll believe it when I see it. Try out the Battery Graph app - it sits in the background and records/graphs your remaining capacity over time.
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