Battery Temperature App?


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Dec 3, 2009
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Lower Delaware
Just rooted yesterday and getting ready to get SetCPU to overclock but also need a "good" battery temp. indicator also. What does everyone use? Pros vs. Cons?
Temp Monitor

Battery and CPU Temps
The updated SetCPU also has temp monitors in it. I run that and Temp Monitor, redundant, but better safe than sorry. They're usually within 2-4 degrees F of each other.
Thanks a million guys!!! Now that i have rooted lets say i wanted to install the smoked glass theme. Is there a thread on it? Hard to install?
Battery dog is a good one to track battery stats over time and plot them. The interface leaves a lot to be desired but it has everything you need. Plus you can grab the .csv file that it generates and plot it yourself in excel if you want.

Spare parts also has a battery temp readout, among other things. BEWARE though, I believe the current version of Spare parts had adds in it.
I currently have CPU set to 800/250 most of the time, on-demand. I haven't seen any temps remotely close to being concerning yet, rarely more than 102 or 104. I had it clocked to 1000 at one point, only a short time but saw temps in the 111 to 112 range. But I also haven't subjected it to much of a load, at this point.

Admittedly, I'm not very knowledgeable, but I'm not worried. until I see temps @120. The default fail safe is a bit higher than that, and mine is actually set at about 113
Anyone else notice that the temps jump around a lot. Mine will go from 111 to 98 in three seconds. Is this normal?