Battery charge vs Restarting


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Mar 20, 2011
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I have the accursed "DroidX restarts itself" (since Android 2.3.3 6 wks ago) problem. No solutions on this forum work for me, but I have discussed this with a Level 2 Verizon tech who admits his own DX does it too! I'm not here asking for a solution to the restart problem:

Because the unattended restarting does reduce the charge, and I have to start my day with less charge than I want to, I want to know your opinions of just leaving the phone on the charger. I read suggestions NOT to do so. What, really, are the consequences of leaving it plugged into the charger overnight? The darn phone is going to come on overnight anyway.... why not just keep it charging.

I've read recommendations to remove from charger when the charge is done. But really, what is the consequence of NOT?
Mar 15, 2011
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Culpeper, VA
You'll reduce the long-term life of your battery. Not a big deal considering how cheap they are to replace.

Personally, I charge my phone in the evening, then when I go to bed, I turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and Sync and it still reports 100% battery when I wake up in the morning. If I wanted to take it even further, I could use the Sleep Mode the ROM I use (Liberty GB) has - that's much like your PC's sleep mode (suspends all processes and turns off all accessories.) It's also much like your PC's sleep mode in that it instantly comes back on when you hold the power button.