Basic question regarding Using Multiple Browsers.


Feb 16, 2010
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Spokane, WA
I like the stock browser and I like Dolphin HD.

However, it seems that if you set one default you can not use the other. Or if neither are default, it is constantly asking which one to use.

I don't want to go into Dolphin and clicking a link opens the Stock--and the other way around. I don't want to go into Dolphin, and clicking a link asks "Use Dolphin or Stock?", and the other way around.

I just want to go into one or the other and be left alone. Is this possible? I am thinking it is not and just want this thought confirmed.
Select the one that you use the most and set it as default, it will open that browser when ever you click a link i.e. a link in an email that you've opened in the email app. Then, if you want to use the other browser for something, you can access it in your app drawer