Barnes and Noble wifi connection


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Nov 17, 2009
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Hey all,

I'm currently having trouble accessing wifi from my local B&N location. Basivally, its like at a hotel, where even tho it will find and connect to the wifi, I still need to open up a browser to login and gain access. However in this case I also have to click on a banner link in order to go to the login page, but for some reason the link refuses to open, either within or a new tab (the banner is able to be selected or highlighted, but won't open). I have tried this with multiple browsers (stock, dolphin, skyfire), and I can get the link to work on my pc, just not on my phone.

Thanks, hopefully someone else has experienced this.

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I've found that with the "Free" WiFi at B&N, Borders, McDonald's, even ComicCon I couldn't do a lot of things. The B&N I've been to doesn't require a login, but still nothing beyond emails.
Well I tried the banner using Skyfire, which purportedly supports flash (but maybe that's just videos).

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