Bad Battery Life SS 5.5


May 24, 2011
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San Francisco, —————— California
I did a fresh install of ss 5.5 and i only get about 10 hours of battery life even when i just purchased a new BP6X battery like a month ago. Im not supercharged either. I am running the stock 1000mhz kernel oc'd at 1000 - 250mhz with Ondemand governor. I have compcache disabled, HOME_APP_ADJ set to =2 so there is no redraws of launcherpro. I have JIT and Purge of Assets enabled, and VM Heapsize 40m, and sdcard read ahead somewhere around 2000 i forget. Have my messaging app locked in memory. (im not sure if its needed since i have about 50/226 memory free) i also have my brightness setting to Auto and it basically keeps it low. I keep GPS and sync off. And ill play HomeRunBattle3D from time to time for about 15 min or so. Any suggestions as to why my battery life is very bad on this rom?