Are you happy with your Droid X?


May 5, 2010
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I am a long time droid user -- got my Droid 1 in November of 2009, and have had it since. I love my droid.

I'm considering an upgrade in November or December, which is around my birthday. I will have an upgrade available.

I am starting to fall for the Droid X, which intrigues me because of the large screen, 8 MP camera, and faster processor -- although my droid now is overclocked to 1250 MHz.

My question is, would you rather have the Droid X, or the Droid 2? Or I'm hearing about the Droid Pro coming out around the time I'd be looking for an upgrade.

So, ladies and gents, as a 20 year old college student who LIVES on his phone and loves the latest gadgets and electronics, should I go with the X, D2, or Droid Pro?!

X.. yes I am happy. If you are waiting a few months maybe wait to see what the pro has in store.. I am unaware of the specs.
I have the Droid X and love it, and its only gonna get better when it rocks the Froyo update. Droid 2? feh!
Yeah the only downside to the X for me is no physical keyboard, because its annoying to type long texts using the on screen keyboard, even WITH swype.

But I think the benefits outweigh that single problem for me, haha

Also, is the screen resolution on the X better than D1 and D2?

My friend that has the Iphone 4 showed me her phone, and the resolution on that thing is ridiculous. It literally looks HD. That's probably the only thing the Iphone 4 has on the droid, because earlier that day she dropped a call right on the spot while we were driving...LMAO
I gotta say, my next phone will be the Droid Pro. That may be silly to say because I haven't seen the phone and it may never come out, but from what I've heard, it will be the phone for me: a Droid X plus physical keyboard, but better...theoretically.

EDIT: To answer your question, yes, I am happy with my Droid X although it needs a software update pretty badly:
I wish i could give my opinion. Day 8 of waiting
The Droid X is definitely worth it. If you are going to wait for the Pro, you might as well wait for the next Droid after that because it will probably be better. No point in waiting really (unless it really has a certain feature you need), buy what it relevant now. I think the DX is the best Android device Verizon has to offer as of right now.
Love it. I agree with the other poster no reason to wait for the droid pro because there will be some other better phone shortly after.
Love my X. Have no idea why everyone was so concerned about screen size. I actually didn't play with one in person first, I just went for it. I think 4.3" is perfect for me (average sized hands and I wear skinny jeans sometimes, still not a problem).
I love my Droid X. I went from a iPhone 3GS to a Droid Incredible to the Droid X all within a 4 month time frame and the Droid X is my absolute favorite. The screen size is great, just borderline of being too big. The phone is quick, responsive, and has a great UI and feel. The battery life is surprisingly good for how much I use it. I suggest everyone should get one.
I absolutely love my DX...everyday, I think Wow, what can't this thing do? I too was concerned about the size, but after I had it for a few hours, the size never crossed my mind again and I'm a woman with small hands.

Love my DXdancedroid
I no longer have an interest in physical keyboards, especially since Swype is so insanely fast and pretty good with accuracy from my experiences.

I also have no interest in the smaller screen, especially with the catcher's mitt-sized hands I have.

So, in essence, I am extremely happy with my Droid X. I find something cool to tweak or alter several times a day and I am slowly making it my own. Performance is good. Battery isn't the nightmare some people report it to be (could be better, sure) and it is just comfortable. It flows. It feels natural.