Are You AFRAID of your Android phone being Obsolete?


Nov 8, 2009
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Now granted...this time last year..I was hearing the buzz of the Droid. My contract wasn't technically UP until June 2010, but I saved up my coins so I could get the Motorola Droid. Bam..Got it day of in November on Early Upgrade.

Its Spring 2010...and I'm weary. I've seen the Droid Incredible and thought to myself "damn, thats a pretty good looking phone"....But I was NOWHERE near able to get the early upgrade again. Then....the next week people were speaking on the Droid X coming out. So I said to myself "Well great...I have a couple months, I can save up and if anything..I'll get that full retail.

August 16th...Just last week I'm indecisive. I want the Droid X. Its hot, Verizon hypes it. Apps2sd, 32gb expansion, all the works. HOTSPOT...**** just sounds good. But I'm not eligible until...November of 2010 for that 1 year early upgrade...and I dont have borderline $600. So I say again..I'll wait.

Well I'll be damned. DROID PRO is announced. Dont know everything about it, but every Android so far has outbeating the previous. Maybe it'll be verizons first World Android WITH the camera on the front?

So I ask you...with whatever device you have now...are you..SCARED to upgrade your phone because you know in 30-45 days Android might have something new brewing?
It's something that has gone for years and years. You buy an item (usually electronic in nature) and within a few months (or sometimes days) something newer and "better" is announced. And it's not going to stop anytime soon.

I bought a state-of-the-art camera over a year ago, and now there are two "bigger and better" ones out there. But mine still works great, and there's no reason for me to upgrade at this time.

People that always have to have the "latest and greatest" have a lot of money to waste / are insecure with themselves, and use belongings to boost their self esteem / or are idiots. *

* - my opinions only.
My next phone will be the MoDroPro although the Original Droid is a difficult device to make obsolete
This is always going to happen with technology and as long as it is still working I could care less if they consider it obsolete. When it stops performing the way I want it to I will consider an upgrade, but so far nothing that has come out even has me curious.
Not at all. When the right device comes along that I really want I will get it.

I'm still very happy with the Droid 1 and haven't blown my upgrade on the current crop of Android devices. They offer nothing more substantial than what I already have.

When I'm blown away by the specs and capabilities of a device I will get it. Until then I sit and wait like a sniper waiting for the perfect shot.

It's a never ending cycle. They have everyone hooked into needing/wanting a front facing camera now. Then there will something after that and something after that and something after that.

Unless there is something I don't know the current crop of Droids and the Original will not become obsolete for a VERY long time.
It's something that has gone for years and years. You buy an item (usually electronic in nature) and within a few months (or sometimes days) something newer and "better" is announced. And it's not going to stop anytime soon.

True, if you never got anything because you were afraid something better was coming along, you'd end up with nothing.

My next phone will be the MoDroPro although the Original Droid is a difficult device to make obsolete

Well, I understand that the Original Droid won't be able to accept Gingerbread, so although it won't be exactly obsolete you'll find it won't do as much as the other phones. Still, you can root the heck out if it.

I'm looking at the Pro as well. We'll see.
I'm not afraid at all. I'm sticking to the MotoDroid knowing that newer phones are going to be coming out anyway. My Droid's still working perfectly fine, so I have no reason to try and get the "newer and better" phones.
Nope not at all. Im even thinking of saving my upgrade for march of next year instead of november this year. Although the Samsung fascinate and the Droid Pro look great..
There's a new phone every month now, so what? My rooted Droid can still do more then most of them.
oc'ing to 1ghz really has made my D1 feel just as good as any of the new phones out there. enough so where i'm really not lusting after anything else at the moment.
Well I did kinda feel that way. But I still like my Droid and every few days i find out new stuff about it i never knew. So for now it still does the job for me. Of course you always want the next best thing. the droid 2 and Droid X look cool. But for me its not really a big enough reason to upgrade. Nothing jumps out at me. So im just waiting. Like you said. Something new comes out every few months. Im sure soon something will jump out at me
Not at all. You have to choose the right device and when you do the lifespan is incredible. My Droid 1 has a LONG time left in it due to the dev community. Hell I have been running Froyo and OC'd forever and a day already. Point is choose wisely and you will be fine.
I'm not worried at the moment, but I know by the end of the year I'll get itchy fingers for a new unit. I only this month deflected from AT&T to Verizon, solely to get the Droid X. I'd been out of contract with AT&T since Nov because I thought I knew I wanted the new fruit phone when it came out (I pretty much knew one was coming this summer). But after it was released, I started reading more about Android phones and the more I read, the more I liked.

I decided I wanted a phone that had tons of possibilites and would challlenge me as a user. I am not disappointed. Since the X is my first Android phone, I figure I'll want to play with it and get as familiar with it as possible, before checking out any new eye candy. And one bonus with Verizon that AT&T doesn't have, the early upgrade. I love that in 12 months, I can upgrade my handset for less than off the shelf, even if I'll pay a bit more than fully subsidized new contracts.

I always *want* the latest and greatest, but I can't always *get* it, so I think I'll be okay with not having new phone envy anytime soon!

Chasing the latest and greatest all the time is a waste of money. I just get a phone I like and stick to it for 12 months unless something comes up and I can get a good deal.