Apps2SD vs Froyo apps 2 sd


Dec 15, 2009
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I have been always confused between the builtin froyo apps2sd and the one the rom community made. I understand that with the froyo version i dont have to do anything special to my sd card and only certain apps that have been given the permission to be moved to the SD card will.

Well i used rom manager to format and partition 512 MB of space on my SD card for use for app2sd which is the non- google version. But i have a hard to distingushing where my apps are being installed, and if they are being installed in 512MB ext partition i made or on the fat 32 partition via the built-in foryo version. How can figure this all out? any good tutorials or anything? i searched everywhere with no luck.

btw when i use Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications and hit move to SD, am i moving it to that encrypted protected folder on the fat32 partition (via froyo app2sd) or am i moving it to that space that i partitioned ... PLEASE HELP!
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