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Jan 25, 2010
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Just found this Thought it looked cool and had promise.:icon_ banana:

AppBrain Market Sync – Install Android apps from a web interface

by DroidGeek on March 27, 2010

Are you dreaming of the day where you can manage Android apps from your desktop computer and then sync it to the phone? Stop dreaming because now you can with AppBrain Market Sync.

AppBrain Market Sync allows you to install or remove Android apps from a web browser. Go to “”, use your Google account login to get in and start installing or uninstalling apps from the web browser and when you’re ready, sync everything from your Droid.
Download AppBrain Market Sync for free from the Android Market.
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I have it on my Droid. For the most part, I prefer to download apps immediately onto the Droid, rather than having to wait for AppBrain to do it; but I think AppBrain suggests a nice list of interesting Apps to choose from, supposedly based upon my preferences.
Used appbrain a couple of weeks ago to configure my wife's new droid. I have about 125 apps on my phone; she needed only a subset of those. So I simply took the list maintained in appbrain, shared it with her "account" and made a list of about 35 apps to be downloaded to her phone. Simplified the entire operation.

Another benefit of the site is that it allows relatively easy comparison among various apps devoted to similar functionality. And by simply marking a set of apps for installation, it simplifies the task of using the Market.

All in all a very good app and website.

P.S. In case it's not obvious from the description here, there is a Market app for appbrain as well as the website. By opening a free account on the website and downloading the app, the website maintains an up-to-date list of apps on your phone and the price of any paid apps.
AppBrain sync

I am unable to get the initial AppBrain App Market to install on my epad. I have created a login and my gmail account. I receive the email with a link to access AppBrain App Market but when I click on the link it give me a 404 error of page not found. I think it is not going to the correct user id page or ??? I cannot get any apps without this installed. Am very new to all of this. Any help appreciated.