AppBrain introduces Fast Web Install -- install Android apps over the web


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AppBrain introduces Fast Web Install -- install Android apps over the web

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 7, 2010 by Jerry Hildenbrand

I admit, I'm an AppBrain fanboy. Using a phone to dig and search through all the 68,000+ apps things in the Android Market is enough to drive anyone insane, so I don't do it unless I have to. Today, using AppBrain just got better -- you can now install apps direct to your device, right from the AppBrain website. Yes, just like the 'coming feature' from Google that Vic Gundutra demoed at Google I/O, without the wait. And it works on all modern versions of Android (1.5 and higher). Hit the break for a quick how-to and a video of it in action.

Now comes the fun part. Watch the video below, then hit the AppBrain site and start searching and installing applications the easy way!

[video=youtube;jmIMgDztRc0]]YouTube - Android App Brain Web Install[/video]

First things first, you have to set up your phone to use AppBrain. We have that covered in detail right HERE. So get your phone set up and synchronized with AppBrain, then hurry back.

Got it? Cool, now we're all on the same page. Next thing you'll want to do is get the AppBrain Fast Web install utility -- there's a link at the bottom of the post. Get 'er installed and fire it up, and you'll see this:


Hit the 'continue' button, and you'll be asked to authorize AppBrain through your Google account, just like you did when first installing the AppBrain client. There's nothing to worry about here, your password never gets sent to the folks at AppBrain -- it's simply using an authorization token, just like Twitter or Facebook does. It looks like this:

Allow it, and you'll be all set up to install apps via the AppBrain website (Google -- just buy these guys already!), and the app will let you know as such.

Get AppBrain [Market link]
Get the Fast Web Installer [Market link]

Excellent. I've started using AppBrain as a free alternative to Titanium.

I only have two issues:
1) Batch install: I hate having to individually hit ok and done for each app. I hope this fast install has rectified that.

2) If they can back-up of app data and settings I'd pay for it. I like the ability to be able to browse,view and manage this stuff from my PC.