App issues!


Dec 22, 2009
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so a friend of mine also has a Droid and I have a lot of issues he does not have even if we install the exact same ROM/Kernal. I know that this is common, that different phones react differently, but i wanted to point that out.

So my issues...First off I installed BB 0.1 when it came out and it redownloaded all my apps, but the ROM seemed to be slow, even OCed to 1.0ghz. Also, I'd get a lot of download errors when updating apps, plus some apps didn't work right. When 0.2 came out, I went ahead and updated, but all the same issues, plus more (the power button not working properly, slower than before, etc.) so I just said screw it and installed my backed up 0.1 with the idea that I'd do a complete wipe and a fresh install of 0.2, so I did that today (it was actually 0.2.1) but it didn't install any of my old apps and I got download errors right away (trying to install ROM Manager Premium). Thinking maybe it's just 0.2.1 and my phone, I reinstall a clean wiped 0.1 and now I'm having the same issues. So I'm not really sure what's going on. I have my apps backed up via Titanium backup and don't mind using it if it comes down to it, but why did it not download my apps like it did when I installed 0.1?