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Nov 15, 2009
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Would there be a way to make an app that shut down txting apps while you are in motion. I'm sure gps would have to be on for it to work, but if it detects you going over x mph it doesn't allow txting. Hearing so much about issue with kids txting and driving might be something useful to try. Just an idea, if anyone wants to roll with it go for it.
I will look into this. The only problem is it could be uninstalled :p
I know this isn't exactly what you are looking for, but I would think Tasker or one of those type of apps could probably do something like this. Kinda guessing here though as I have never used Tasker. Maybe someone that does, could verify this.
Well with all apps they can be uninstalled or turned off, but still would be nice to have out there.

Ipirate, if you get anything close to beta i'd offer to test it for ya.
Tasker can easily do it, is an app that does it, as well as the new State Farm pocket agent application.
DGAway, Text Answering Machine are just a few.. is another one that can read you your texts and email and now cant remember the dam name..

Edit: is the name of it. :)
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the one problem with this is if youre a passenger then you cant use your phone either