app download issue


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Nov 9, 2009
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does anyone know why i click install on apps from the market and they will not download... i have 5 sitting there saying starting download but they wont start... i tried to get them over 1 hr ago and they still wont download??? please help
Mine did that on Wifi and when I turned Wifi off, it downloaded them all like a beast via 3G. Not sure why, maybe the market is 3G only?
Applications will download on Wi-Fi as well.

Best recommendation is to do a battery pull. I have had this happen once on my DROID and a few times on my G1 and the battery pull fixed them and they started to download when it was booted up.
Tried with and without wifi....1g and 3g...was on the phone with Motorola for 1 hour and they said to call google. yeah right....pissed
Did battery pull, did hard reset etc.
The funny thing is, I was able to download and install an app from a link I got through email...called Qik. All the apps I've tried downloading are free eg google voice, amazon, weather channel, skymaps
Thats odd that mine didn't work on wifi, could have been blocked though as it was wifi at a university.
I was playing w/ the Verizon store demo Droid last night and it did this for several apps. I did a restart on the phone (powered it down w/ the button and then powered it back up for a full reboot) and the apps had evidently installed themselves and were indeed on the phone and working...just needed that restart to make it happy.
So one day later, all my apps have been installed and fully functional. I think it was because I have poor signal in my apartment....if I go right outside, I get 3G with 3+ bars...inside 1G with barely 1 bar. On my way to work this morning I saw that I had 10+ apps installed.
I'm surprised that it wouldn't have downloaded through Wi-Fi in my apartment. I probably have to get the VZW network extender....but at $250 each...definitely not for another 6+ months.