App Developers please read! (Security Suggestion)


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Feb 15, 2010
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Can someone make an app were you can lock things like pictures, videos, messaging, settings, contacts, personal files created, just like any program on your phone. And have to give a more then 4 digit # password to access it! I need this so bad! As my friends will spend little time guessing my pattern and view stuff i don't want them to. Because you cant always have your phone on your person so plz make this! An example of how the app could be like is Kinda like the security on the *"behold" by "t-mobile"*

Also maybe an app that locks the phone with a password instead of the pattern because the pattern is to easy to guess. If this app was made I'm sure loads of people would PAY for it! I KNOW I WOULD!

- Moto Droid -
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