ApkTrack 1.0 Helps You Keep All Your Apps Up To Date


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Oct 6, 2011
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Updating apps can be a pretty tedious task especially if you are an appaholic and have hundreds of them on your phone. You may find that every time you connect to wifi the Play Store starts updating all your apps automatically. This can be frustrating as you start getting notification after notification. It also consumes plenty of data, and can bog down your network until its finished. Some folks don't even like to use the Play Store, but would like to have a way to update their various apps.

The ApkTrack app periodically checks your apps to see if any of them are able to be updated. The app uses website scraping to grab the latest versions of your apps. This app will check for updates on any network including 3g/4g/ and wifi. You will want to keep this in mind if you are on a capped data plan. Grab this app from the link below.

via XDA