Anyone who was on .32, please update your kernel

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Jun 26, 2010
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For those wondering, this "drama" was because DXC apparently didn't like the situation people were put in by P3Droid and his team of "Here, use this pretty, shiny new stuff and just trust us that we'll make sure you're not SOL, but do note that anything is possible" (my words). Fact of the matter is that was the situation many people were in and it's pretty understandable that people wouldn't like to be in that situation.

Honestly, I personally chose not to be in that situation because I knew very well what that "anything is possible" involved even though I do financially support P3Droid and his team. So I was kinda with DXC on this because that was a risk I didn't want to take (not that I don't trust P3Droid and his team but because I need my phone for work and I'm on call at work 24/7 and I am going to only take the risks that I'm comfortable with). I NEVER had direct communication with P3Droid on this, and in fact, I didn't even read a whole lot into it. It was obvious to me that while there were leaks out there that were not confirmed to be what VZW was releasing, then this risk was too great. Absolutely no deception there! I'll root like none-other and even install custom ROMs from developers I trust, but I won't start putting on "beta" kernels with our locked bootloader!

All this said, let's agree that P3Droid and DXC aren't gonna like each other or be best buds, and let's move on. Nobody is stuck, all is good, and we have plenty of goodies to play with until we get Gingerbread. *looks at P3Droid - that should be coming in the next week, right?* ;-)
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