Anyone Know About Any Locale Conflicts?


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Jan 26, 2010
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I recently purchased the Locale app and have been using it on my Droid. I also have the Ringer Toggle Widget on my phone (which allows me to quickly toggle between ring, vibrate, and silent modes). I've noticed that my phone doesn't vibrate when I get text messages even though I've programmed Locale to vibrate for both calls and text messages. I went into the messages settings and turned on the vibrate notification and this seemed to take care of the issue....until today. Now my phone is ringing when it should be completely silenced by Locale. I sometimes use the the Ringer Toggle Widget to silence my phone temporarily even though I've not programmed Locale to silence my phone. I'm wondering whether this widget might be screwing up my Locale settings and, if so, how I might be able to return the Locale settings to the original settings so that I can start over again (without uninstalling Locale). Also, does anyone know of any good ringer toggle widgets that are compatible with Locale and will not screwed up the Locale settings. Thanks in advance!