Any way to share calendar with Blackberry user?


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May 2, 2010
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I sent calendar invites to a coworker and his blackberry does not understand the vcalendar file my droid sent him. When he sends me one, no file even shows up. Is there any way around this so we can share calendars?

I know they work on Exchange but I'm not sure about other email accounts. What type of email account do you have?
I am using exchange. The problem is the droid sends out a vcalendar invite that blackberries don't understand. Is there a way to share calendars with blackberries through exchange?
My gf and I both use gmail. We added each other to our calendars so we can view and add events back and forth. Shows up just fine in both our droid calendars too.
Gmail seems to be the easiest way for us. Plus it is a simple calendar program to use.