Any player capable of audio/video playlists?


Mar 15, 2010
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I gotta say, I love my Droid... but there's one last thing keeping me tied to my iPod: Playlists that can support both video and audio files in the same list.

With my iPod, I have some music videos mixed in with my regular audio music files. If the screen is off, or I'm doing something else outside of the player, it will, at least, play the audio portion of the video file.

So far, I haven't found an audio player that will even list a video file, even if it's located in the same directory. Ditto (with audio files) for Video players. Keep in mind, I'm not discussing what videos will and will not play on a Droid. The videos I'm talking about all work in the Gallery, so it's not an issue of video type or codec. I'm simply looking for a player that can support both audio and video files.

Anyone found one?