Any Incredible Gurus in Northern NJ?


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Jan 4, 2010
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Any Incredible Gurus that can undo my misadventure?

I have been very happy with my DInc. So much so that I returned the X I got the day it was released.

But, I can't leave things well enough alone so when i believed that the radio update leak wouldnt prevent OTA FROYO, I went ahead and upgraded the radio.

Then found out I couldnt get the OTA 2.2.

I then rooted in hopes of eventually being able to undo the radio update and then unroot to get the official OTA Froyo.

After many hours, many pages and many tries with all of the great advice on various sites, I am still SOL.

So, given I would like to go back to basic stock 2.1 and have the official OTA pushed AND I am a complete failure at getting there myself ...

Anyone out there in my area (or elsewhere) willing to give it a go?

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