Animated GIFs. Which Roms?


Mar 30, 2010
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I know CM Roms are capable of displaying animated GIFs, any other Roms out there have it? BBv1.1 doesn't seem to work.
Ultimate Droid 10 here, and I can play animated gifs in the browser, but not in the gallery. They show up there as a single frame.
i don't miss them much. I think the only gifs I get the opportunity to view are those I get in MMS messages. And you can guess what kind of matter those consist of :D

EDIT: Yep, he jumps in my Droid's browsers alright.
I was curious about the other Roms because I'm a weather geek and most Radar images are animated GIFs. I was amazed that Android didn't have animated GIFs when I got my Droid. I'd been using WinMo for ages and they always worked in it. Even a Motor Razr could display them. It was awesome when I discovered that they were working in a CM Rom I was trying. I did a double take when I checked the Radar and it went into motion! There are many complaints about it on Google's development site, and the developers acted like it was going to be really hard to implement it in Android. I'm just glad someone figured it out!!!
If it's only for weather, then why not use an app like weatherbug. I use their elite edition and it has a nice map feature that's animated. On another note, an app that is available in the market that plays gifs that you put on your memory card works pretty good. It's Image Viewer(with animation). It does cost .99 but works pretty good.

I have multiple weather apps, including WB Elite. They still don't compare to the detail I get from the WX sites I use.
+1. I really just want access to the NWS radar mosaics. They aren't animated in the droid's browser.

If you root your phone and use CyanogenMod based roms, you'll get animated radar in your browser.