Android SDK Install Help


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Dec 23, 2009
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Westfield, IN
The install docs at Installing and Updating ADT | Android Developers say:

Now modify your Eclipse preferences to point to the Android SDK directory:
  1. Select Window > Preferences... to open the Preferences panel (Mac OS X: Eclipse > Preferences).
  2. Select Android from the left panel.
  3. For the SDK Location in the main panel, click Browse... and locate your downloaded SDK directory.
What SDK directory is it talking about? I installed the Android SDK through Eclipse as directed in the previous step, but if that's what it's referencing, I don't know where that was downloaded to. I'm getting an error in Eclipse that it can't find the directory or file, but when I search for the directory and/or file that it references, I get no results anywhere on my PC.

Its supposed to be in your main C: drive....the folder is just called android
Ok, I figured it out. Apparently you have to manually download the Android SDK. I thought that's what I was doing through the 'Install New Software' option in Eclipse. Installed the SDK, linked Eclipse to the appropriate directory, downloaded the packages, good to go.

Good, I'm glad you figured it out because the SDK and Eclipse can be VERY tricky sometimes to get figured out, even when you KNOW you're doing the right things!