Android is ARMY STRONG.


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Android has already been utilized by one defense contractor, but it’s getting even more attention from the military through the Apps for the Army contest.

The United States Army named the Top 5 winners of its Apps for the Army (A4A) contest, which invited teams of soldiers and Army civilians to develop mobile apps designed to add to have some military benefit.

At the LandWarNet Conference in Tampa, Android accounted for 4 out of 5 apps named among the best.

  • Telehealth Mood Tracker monitors psychological health over a given period of time
  • Disaster Relief helps create and edit Google Earth/Maps data to aid humanitarian relief
  • Movement Projection plots “obstacles and threats” on map data, which allows personnel to choose the best routes for movement
  • New Recruit is an educational tool that explains military rank and insignia, offers news feeds, and tools for new recruits to track their fitness stats
Of the Top 25 apps selected by the panel of judges, 10 run on Android. There was also one app that made the honorable mention list.

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