Amazon MP3 Store & Corporate Calendar Opening On Their Own

Mar 18, 2010
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I have noticed more than a few times when I open Advanced Task Killer that the Corporate Calendar and Amazon MP3 Store are open in the background. Sometimes a bunch more applications are also open. I have never opened any of them, yet they are on the list.

I did a Google search and found a thread on a Moto forum about this, but no one had an answer.

Anyone know what is going on?
Corporate calendar is a Google app that the o/s starts when you boot. The MP3 store is similarly privileged (presumably as a result of a deal between google and Amazon.) You can turn them off if you wish or simply leave them alone because neither does anything unless you use them. But without rooting you cannot prevent the o/s from starting them.

P.S. Even if you kill them, they're sneaky little bas****s and will sometimes turn on again. You can fight them but you'll never defeat them. But once again, unless you use them, they do no harm, except of course for using cpu cycles to turn them on after you repeatedly turn them off.
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I am a newb w/ rooting, though I'll probably get around to it. As a general rule I like to have full control over my apps and information.
OCD and Android don't seem to be a good mix. It's good for Blackberries though... :D