Amazon Developing In-App Purchasing for the Kindle Fire


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Dec 30, 2010
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Even though the new Amazon Kindle Fire will not have access to the Android Market, Amazon is trying to make their Amazon Appstore just as appealing. Apparently, they are developing in-app purchased for the little fiery tablet. Here's a quote from the AndroidCentral article with some details,
With the "Amazon Appstore for Android In-App Purchasing Beta Request Form," developers can sign up for the in-app purchasing beta SDK. It's invite-only, for now, and you have to answer a few questions, including:
  • Name and e-mail (natch), plus a company name.
  • Whether you're a current member of the Amazon Appstore Developer Program. And if so, how many apps you've submitted.
  • Whether you've used Google Checkout, PayPal, iOS or some other form of in-app billing.
  • The current number of apps you have that include in-app billing.
  • The kinds of in-app content you currently offer.
  • What kinds of apps you develop.
  • What kinds of devices you offer. (Interestingly, there are three choices -- handsets, tablets and Kindle Fire. That shows how Amazon's treating its product, no?)
Amazon seems to be creating a very competitive ecosystem for their pseudo-Android tablet.

Source: via AndroidCentral and Amazon - Developer Blog