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Nov 9, 2009
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any thoughts on this amazing review and comparison

He hits on having to go back and back and back but the home button does what he wanted to do in getting to the home screen. I don't get that complaint at all.

I do agree that the Moto Droid keyboard isn't all that and a bag of chips, but as I use it I'm getting better and mistyping less and less.

As for his comment about the D-pad, I disagree with that because I use mine for navi all the time on the web. It beats the heck out of trying to click on some webpage icon and wind up fat-fingering the wrong one to be sent off to la-la-land somewhere. With the D-pad, what's highlighted and what gets clicked on are one and the same.

I got used to the navi d-pad on the Moto Q (which is not a touch screen phone) and since old habits die hard, the lack of a d-pad with a center press would have been a deal-breaker for me.