Almost 2 months in and NOW it starts (3.5mm headphone)


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Nov 12, 2009
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Seattle, WA
Ok, so I've owned my Droid since day 1 and I read about people having problems with the headphone jack, but I could only sympathize with them. Well now I've been having MAJOR issues with it. It appears as if there is some software bug. When I have headphones plugged-in and they move the jack around inside the unit (from me pulling, moving, etc.) it will turn on the android music player by default, to a random song, at a random point in said song. I have found no good remedy for this situation other than taking out the head phones and killing the music app. Pandora is also plagued by this problem, when the headphones move and crackle, I think the player assumes the headphones have been unplugged and pause the song. Sometimes this outright kills the app :( I love pandora, but this is too much! The other problem I'm having is when disconnecting head phones the phone and transitioning from plugged-in to not. My phone will somehow miss that detail that the jack is unplugged so it sends all audio feed through the jack. So unknowingly, I'll pick up a phone call and be unable to hear through the earpiece. The only way I can think to remedy this situation is to enable then immediately disable speaker. However this fix is unconfirmed. Anyone else having similar problems and is this mostly a hardware fix or a software fix?