Alarm according to weather?


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Feb 5, 2010
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I searched the market and I really don't see any alarm app that would adjust according to weather. I would PAY for an app that had this feature (along with other options like math problems, and customizable nap shortcuts for home screen). This app would be the goto app for a third party alarm.

There's an iPhone app that works like this:
The Smart Alarm: iPhone App Wakes You According To Weather Conditions

The Smart Alarm monitors the changing weather conditions overnight and then alerts you in the morning depending on your settings.

For example, if you set your base time wake-up for 6 am and the weather is good, then the alarm will wake you up at that time. However, if there’s bad weather, say rain, then the app will wake you up 20 minutes earlier.
Anyone know of an app that is like this for our Drooooiiidds?

Thanks in advance.