AIM/Google Chat count as text message?


Nov 27, 2009
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I had a quick question (searched but couldn't really find the answer). If i chat on AIM through my phone or Google Chat, does each instant message count as a text? Thanks for the help in advance. :icon_ banana:
wow looks like im not talking on google chat or AIM anymore...
Basically with any chat/im client every message counts as a text. I found that one out the hard way a long time ago. lol
i think i mightve read somewhere that meebo doesnt count as text? can anyone confirm?
I just did some reading and it seems there is a debate on whether or not chat clients use texting. I say they do because a couple years ago I used AIM and got hit with a big bill for texting!
Don't they just use the data connection? Is it any different from chatting on a laptop connected to the internet?
so an app like IM+ uses text?

i mean i have unlimited text, but this is very interesting to me
directly from viperboy, thanks!

"Those apps will all use data. The only thing that would use a text is if you had AIM set to forward messages to you (They come as texts) when you aren't online. But all of those should be data. Enjoy!"
Using Google Talk does not affect your text messaging plan. It's completely free and SEPERATE from regular texting through Verizon.

But why would they charge for Yahoo IM? It's free on my PC, why wouldn't it be free on my Droid?

I think people are confused because of their old phones. Non-smartphones had chat programs, but used SMS to communicate over the networks. So a 5 minute conversation could have 50 texts easily.
Welcome to a better world people :)