after 2.2 update bluetooth shuts off when display shuts off


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Aug 28, 2010
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Following the 2.2 update a couple of days ago, bluetooth shuts off when the automatic display (power saving) shut off occurs. This happens regardless of how many minutes the display shut off is set for.

Setting the display shut off at 30 minutes not a solution, since the display then uses unneeded power for that time, and I'm engaged in an activity during which I can't use my can't just touch play again on the music player to enable another 30 minutes of playing time.

This was not a problem before the 2.2 update. Anyone else have encounter similar problem since the update? Any ideas about solution?

Problem eliminated, and not the 2.2's problem (not directly) .... when I found the Advanced Task Killer in 2.2 not keeping the tasks killed, I had experimented with several other battery monitor apps, after I couldn't find or remember which additional battery monitoring app I had been using in the previous OS version (still can't remember --it had left a nice little picture of a battery on my homescreen which told me what percentage of power was left. Anyone know? -- I hadn't remembered that one of the programs (Battery Booster) had a feature which had as a default 'shut off bluetooth when phone is locked'. I hadn't thought 'locked', I thought 'display off', not locked, so I wasn't thinking in the same language. Eliminating that default setting fixed the problem.

But, what is the deal with the Advanced Task Killer not working anymore, and is there another program that still succeeds in doing the same thing?

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