Address Book Search Capability

sailor 99

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Aug 15, 2010
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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I am a long-time Blackberry user who is thinking of switching to the Droid.

A very important capability for me is the ability to search the Droid address book using either 1st name, last name, or organization/company. For example if I had an entry for John Jones at Motorola, Inc., with my Blackberry, I could search the terms "John'", "Jones," or "Motorola." I know the Droid will search for first and last name. If I enter "Motorola" as the search term, will all Motorola entries come up on the Droid?

I have access to my son's Droid, so if I need to set this search capability up, please share with me how to do it. If the Droid does not have this search capability, then I will not be able to switch to the Droid. Thanks in advance for your help!


Feb 2, 2010
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The best/quickest/most accurate contact search that I have found is Gesture Search (market app). It lets you draw letters on the screen and pulls up contacts. In your example above if you draw a "J" it will pull up John and Jones. Drawing a "M" will pull up a contact named Motorola, but not someone who works for Motorola. I have seen several posts on looking for searching contact group info on Droid, but I have not seen answers.