Adding FLAC natively to Moto Droid (stuck)


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Jun 20, 2010
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I currently run Bugless Beast 1.1 (ESE81) and I want to integrate flac support natively. I'm not so much a fan of Andless and I'd like to use the Music App with any format (mp3, flac, etc). I've found a suitable way to do this here:

FLAC support for Motorola Milestone |

The problem is that this is built for Milestone. It should work with a little bit of effort. Where I'm running into problems is the framework.jar file. What needs to happen is to take the backup I made of my framework.jar and integrate the support that way(and thus provide it to the community at large).

I spent approximately 4 hours on it this evening and I know I must do something with the smali files and the classes.dex file inside my framework. Could anyone a little bit more comfortable with *nix and Moto itself lend a hand/point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your consideration :)