adding attachment to and email


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Dec 18, 2009
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I down loaded scan2PDF. It works great. I down loaded Beam Reader to view my PDF's. It works great. I now want to send an email with a PDF attachment. I start my email program. I choose compose email. I select who I want to send the email to. From the file button I choose add attachment. This takes me to a screen that says select a picture. I am new to the Droid. I only have one pic on the display. There are no PDF's here. The file drop down menu does not work on this screen. How do I add an attachment to the email.

Also how do I organize files on my phone such as PDF.

I have the Motorola from Verizon


Dec 1, 2009
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For Organizing files, I personally recommend Astro File Manager. It is currently Free (though the beta expires 1/31/10 so I don't know if they are planning on charging after that).

As for sending a file, well you can use Astro for this as well. Simply browse to the file you wish to send, long press and on the menu select Send and then Send via E-mail and you will be able to e-mail the file.

Is this annoying? Yes. And of all the complaints I have read here about the Droid, this is one that I think was really an overlooked issue... it seems they just assume that the only thing you will send is a picture. I'd hope they provide in the future a way to browse to the file from within the application, but in the meantime, this will work and allow you to send files.