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Feb 4, 2010
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I am a motorcycle rider and use the Chatter Box XBi2 which is a device that lets you answer your cell phone and listen to XM via blue tooth with speaker and mic in your helmet. Does anyone know if you can turn of the a2dp on the Droid?

Thanks Tony
I don't think there's a actual setting to turn it on or off. It should get "picked up" when the the Droid pairs with your chatterbox. I have a Samsung WEP870 headset/earphones and didn't have to do anything special to get music out of the headphones. I fired-up the music player and turned on BT and it just worked.

On a somewhat related note, I have read that there are problems pairing some devices to the Droid (the Sennheiser VMX100 headset comes to mind here). So hopefully your device does not fall into that category.
in normal situations there is no need to turn the a2dp off. In this case the Droid has an a2dp and the Chatter Box XBi2 has an a2dp feature. The problem is when both units ie the Droid and Chatter Box have an a2dp they cancel each other out. Example on phones that do not have a mp3 player I can listen to my xm radio and incoming cell phone calls which is great. Now with the Droid and other cell phones that have a MP3 player they have an a2dp. I will only get the use of the phone or xm radio not both. Hence turning off the a2pd on the Droid would be wonderful, this way I can get incoming calls and xm radio. Tony