A way to set alert's off at certain times?


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Aug 5, 2010
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Is there a way to set the phone so that alerts will only sound during a specific time of the day automatically? I like to have my phone on at night in case of emergencies, but hate it when the alert tone goes off at 2am to tell me I have an e-mail. Would be nice if there is a way to set it so that from 10pm until 6am the alerts would not sound.
I've seen and tried a program on the market for this....but I couldn't tell you the name...
someone else mentioned "Tasker" in a similar thread. i'm sure there are several apps with this capability.
Also look at locale and settings profiles lite. I use the latter to turn on wifi, turn sound off and dim the screen when i get home at 12:30am, works great.
Thanks for you're help all. It got me looking in the right direction.

I managed to find a free app that does just what I need without all of the other stuff that I'm not interested in at this point, Timeriffic.

The program can control the following 11 functions to change based on a time schedule you set. Up to 6 time settings a day.

Ringer on/mute
Ring volume
Vibrate on/off
Notification volume
Media volume
Alarm volume
Wifi on/off
Airplane mode on/off
Bluetooth on/off
APNdroid on/off