A proper introduction

Jul 8, 2010
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Conservativetown, TN -_-
I've been lurking on these forums for a couple months and I figured I should make a proper introduction thread. As soon as I found the forums, I immediately dove headfirst into rooting/flashing roms on my Droid. I religiously checked here first for anything new and exciting I could do with the device. While I purchased a Droid X last month, I still fool around with my Droid 1. These forums have been quite the resource to me for news, guides, etc... I initially registered here hoping to find a community to share my obsession with, as I live in a fairly rural town in Tennessee and am only aware of a few people who are literate enough with Android devices to talk to about them. Even my local Verizon store is employed almost entirely with people that don't know the platform at all. However, I'm rambling at this point. My name is Mean Bro Greene, and I'm addicted to the little green robot. :greendroid: