A few very basic questions

Habs Forever

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Dec 25, 2009
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Hawthorne, NJ
Hello. Sorry if this is repetitive, I searched around for a bit and couldn't find anything.

I used the Droid RootKit today to root my Droid, which I completed successfully. I was very happy to finally be able to do it that easily. I also added on this nice cool boot screen. Now I just have a few questions.

I want a ROM like Froyo. How do I get this on there? Can I use the INSTALL ROM feature on the Droid Root Kit? Where do I download Froyo? I found the latest release thread and still didn't find a download link. If I can't use the RootKit, how do I do it?

Also, my phone keeps asking for me to update. How can I stop this? Can't I not update it because of the root?

Sorry for the dumb questions, and again, sorry if they've been asked many times already. Maybe I was using search terms too broad.

Thanks for any help, and have a good day.