8GB Class 6 or 16GB Class 2???

Which one should I stick with?

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Nov 17, 2009
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So the Droid comes with a 16GB Class 2 SD card. But I have a 8GB Class 6 that I bought for the Omnia. I know that it's obviously half the size. But seeing as how I usually don't use that much space as it is, I'm considering using the Class 6 in the Droid.

Is the Droid rated to read a Class 6? If not, then I wouldn't make a difference speed-wise.
Hmmmm, interesting point. I wonder if picture quality would be affected by using a faster sd card? If there's not a difference in picture quality I wouldnt see a reason to use the class 6 personally, file transfer rates have been fast enough for me. I also tend to use all the available storage, I am already down to 5.44gb's available since I have 26 movies on my Droid.
I would use the 16GB class 2, I usually store a good amount of movies on it.

BTW: It is rated to use a class 6. One of our members tried a class 6 on it because we were testing out how fast it would save a picture. Which was he said about a second faster :)
Once the phone is rooted that Class 6 is going to come in VERY handy if you decide to go that route.

I say go with the Class 6!!