6 Cool Droid Apps For Webmasters



Well Android OS based phones are now going more and more popular specially among webmasters as Android have great apps for webmaster which make sure that Android phone user manage their site and check various data! So I used few ones and Review top 6 Apps:

6 Cool Droid Apps For Webmasters
Nice. Yea I use the AndFTP from time to time to update my own website and other peoples. I also use it just to transfer my own files. I donated to the developer, hes a good guy.

I am going to check out that DroidAnalytics app. I currently use the 'Analytics Widget' app because it is simple and displays the visitors of my sites right on the home screen. Its basic, but nice.

Strange that like Twitter is on there tho. I don't really look at that as a webmasters tool. More of a social networking tool IMO.
Well I request you try DroidAnalytics once, you would surly enjoy it! Also Twitter is good for Marketing purpose!:)