3rd Droid is the charm!! Yes!


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Dec 15, 2009
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Tuscaloosa ROLL TIDE, AL
I just Tuesday i rec'd my 3rd Droid
#1 was perfect except, if some of you remember, my daughter did a number on the data port and i had to have the phone replaced.

#2 a TOTAL POS I love Droid sooo much I actually put up with the 4hr battery life, constant over heating and a host of other bugs like battery drain in sleep mode and call quality like a 2nd gen iphone.

#3 THE BOMB i can't believe how awesome this thing is... its stock and just reminds me of how great the Droid really is... getting a full day off of a charge, almost zero drain in sleep mode and call quality is awesomedancedroidI think i'll root this one cause i'm getting the X pretty soon (not on release).

But i'm back in Droid Goodness and i just wanted the entire Droid World to know... lmao!