3gp Video files on the droid


Jan 3, 2010
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First time poster, please keep the flames to a minimum because I think I'm about to ask a VERY stupid question. First, I've scoured the net looking for this answer to no avail. BUT here's my situation/problem/question.

I take a video on my droid and it shows up in my gallery. I simply want to transfer the file to my computer via USB but it's saved in a 3gp video format. None of my programs play this, I didn't know if there was a setting to change the default recording format as something else (perhaps .avi or .mov, etc.) If there's no way and you have to take them as a 3gp file, what is the recommended converter program to get them to a format readable by most players? I find it odd that I can send it directly to youtube but can't view it w/ a simple program like winamp from the SD card when it's hooked up via USB.

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have not seen a way to save in another format with the native or Pro5x camera app.
DVD Catalyst has about 20 different formats that it will convert to and from - this is in addition to reading and converting from a DVD. Most use it to convert other formats to work with the droid but it could be used to convert the 3GP vids from the phone to work elsewhere. I am working on converting the Droid videos (from the cam) to burn, with some luck.
I used "Any Video Converter" to change formats. Free download.