3G or WiFi. When does it use which


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Apr 26, 2010
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Droid is on docking station. I am listening to music through Pandora. I have both a great 3G signal and the Droid has WiFi turned on with a good signal. Battery life is no concern.

My question is - which connection does my Motorola Droid use? Will it automatically use the stronger signal? Am I supposed to somehow direct which connection Pandora should use?

The same question would go for using the browser. Which connection does the browser default to? I can not find a way to direct any of the web applications to specifically use 3g or wifi.

Would love any pearls of wisdom on this subject because I'd love to be on a call and use the web at the same time which you can't do when only using 3g.

Unless I'm mistaken, all traffic will go through Wifi when available.

If there was a way to force certain traffic through 3G I'd be very interested to know how as the Wifi on my college campus appears to have the port for Google Talk firewalled.
WiFi will always take precedence over 3G. This is because its faster and uses significantly less power than GSM/EVDO data.

Unfortunately, you cannot forc apps to use a specific connection as this is handled by the OS. That said, I'm sure if you root, there is some hackery you could pull.

Basically if you're connected to WiFi you don't have to worry about it, as all apps will use WiFi instead of 3G :)
Thanks. That is good to know.

I finally established the wifi connection and had no idea if the Droid was taking advantage of it.
And to answer your other question, the phone continues to use the 3G signal even when WiFi is connected. You can browse the web via wifi and talk via 3G on the phone at the same time.