3 more days to go


Aug 15, 2010
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3 more days togo untill i have my droid x in my hands i cannot wait im comming from a blackberry tour so this is going to be a treat for me i was also wondering what apps i should get first
Welcome to the Forum!!!

My wife got her X a few days ago. As for must have apps, it really does depend on what you want to do. Astro is a good file manager( needed to view whats on your sdcard) I like Handcent sms to handle txting. Other than that it's wide open. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Good luck and happy Droiding!!!!
thanks i will look into it when i get it i cant wait everyones telling me to do app killer is that something already installed on the phone or do i have to get one from somewhere?