3.5mm passthrough with Mic?


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Dec 29, 2009
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Ahoy hoy all,

Long time android user here. been using android since my G1, then went to a MT3G, and now a droid. I've grown attached to something that I can't currently do with the Droid. Maybe you guys can help.

With the G1/Magic, headsets were used via the Mini USB port. The phones came with a mini USB to 3.5mm female headset plug and it had a single button on it that did multiple functions. It also had a MIC on it.

My car's stereo receiver has bluetooth on it, but stupid Sony put the mic for the bluetooth behind the stereo face, and the quality sucks. So the way i've been getting hands free through my car has been using said plug above with a dual male 3.5mm stereo cable plugged into the aux port on my stereo. I could answer/hang up calls, start/stop music, and even skip to the next song all via the plug, and to top it off, all audio went through my car speakers, and using the mic on the plug gave me great outbound call quality.

Well said cord can't be used anymore since the moto Droid uses micro USB. The droid does have a 3.5mm stereo female jack though. I've been looking for the same type of thing that uses 3.5mm stereo instead of mini USB, but I haven't been able to find one yet. Does anyone know of one and where I can purchase it?

here's a picture of said cable i'm talking about: