2 questions for Handcent users


Jun 11, 2010
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I didn't like the original texting app on my Maxx from day one and have been in search of the perfect replacement. Tried GoSms for awhile and recently switched to Handcent. I like certain things about Handcent better but there are a couple things that bother me. If I'm in the middle of a conversation and power the phone on & unlock the screen, the app doesn't recognize the message as being read until I wake up the keyboard. Bugs me because I have a reminder set up and I'll get a 2nd notification for the same message if I don't respond or at least wake up the keyboard.

2nd bothersome thing is the pop up. If I use the pop up it appears over the top of the very conversation that I'm in the middle of. With GoSms the pop up only appears for a conversation that is not open at the time.

Is there a setting I've missed that can change these traits?